She has a clear opinion! pink linn competed for Armenia at the ESC last year. The singer could only take 20th place, but landed a worldwide hit with her song “SNAP”. Since then, the brunette has been quite successful and is working on new music projects in the USA. From there she wants to follow the ESC final tomorrow – and she already has an opinion on the participants. celebrity flash has asked: What keeps Pink actually from this year’s German act?

In the talk with celebrity flash the 22-year-old says: “I heard the song ‘Blood & Glitter’ by Lord of the Lost. I love heavy metal music so I was really impressed by the song!” However, the band is probably not one of their favorites at this year’s ESC. “My favorite is Italy with “Due Vite”. But of course my heart also beats for the Armenian act Brunette!”, explains the musician.

From where Pink will watch the final tomorrow? “I’ll probably be in the studio then, to continue honing my music. So the producers, sound engineers and everyone else will have to be in front of the screen with me.”, jokes the singing talent. She says she definitely doesn’t want to miss the spectacle – “come what may”.