Could he be Shakira’s (46) next love? The singer had separated from her long-term partner Gerard Piqué (36) last summer. She left the family home in Barcelona with her two sons and is currently villa hunting in Miami. Since she was photographed there in a Formula 1 race with Tom Cruise (60), a liaison with the actor has been suspected. But maybe she only had eyes for one of the drivers at the sporting event? Shakira was spotted on a boat trip with Lewis Hamilton (38)!

Loud TMZ the two are said to have met in a restaurant after the Formula 1 Grand Prix last Sunday. That went well, because a few days later they meet for a trip together. Paparazzi photos show how Lewis holding the musician’s hand to help her enter the watercraft. The other participants in the tour are said to be close friends of the professional athlete. If Shakira now also counts or a romance develops between the two remains to be seen.

An insider denied the love rumors Tom across from Us Weekly and reported that the ‘Whenever, Wherever’ hitmaker was amused by her fans’ theories: “Shakira has seen the rumors online that Tom you court […] and she thinks it’s funny because it’s just not true. She had a fun time chatting, but that’s about it.”