Laura Müller (22) heats up her fans properly! The wife of former hit star Michael Wendler (50) made headlines in 2021 when she undressed for Playboy. At that time, the influencer was just 19 years old. Marketing her body seems to be her thing – she regularly posts revealing photos on the OnlyFans payment platform. Above all, you can only see her baby bump pics exclusively there. Well shared laura a new sexy picture on her profile!

On your OnlyFansOn the home page, the expectant mother advertises her new photo series with a sexy photo of herself. The Wendler woman wears a white lace body and sits lasciviously on a sofa with her legs spread. In the picture taken from the front, her baby bump is clearly visible through the translucent fabric. With her hand strokes herself laura seductively across the chest. “Write me ‘hot thighs’ for the new series of pictures. See you soon,” she informs her fans and puts a kiss smiley as an emoji behind it.

The fact that laura Selling her pregnancy on OnlyFans upsets a lot of people. “An innocent baby is already being exploited! Something that disgusting can only happen laura and the Wendler come up with it!”, Said an Instagram user under the celebrity flash– Post his opinion. Other readers also share this opinion and think what the Wendlers are doing is an absolute no-go.