She lost her four pets in the flames! Canadian-American actress Caterina Scorsone (41) became known for her role as Dr. Amelia Shepherd known in the series Grey’s Anatomy. In addition to her professional career as an actress, Caterina is also a mother of three. On the net, she delights fans with insights into her everyday family life with the wild gang. Now Caterina was talking about a severe stroke of fate.

“A few months ago my house burned down,” the brunette wrote under her latest Instagram-Contribution. She also shares a shocking picture of her burned down living room. “I had about three minutes to get my kids out of the house,” she says. Fortunately, they all escaped unharmed. But Caterina lost her pets in the flames: “We’re still processing this loss. But we’re grateful that they were in our lives.”

The actress also thanked: “This is a love letter to the incredible people who have emerged and the incredible ways in which they have done it.” Through the fire, Caterina learned how important charity and helpfulness are. “The only thing that matters is the community,” she clarified.