War of the Roses or peaceful co-parenting – how is it going between Alexander Zverev (25) and Brenda Patea (29)? The tennis star and the model had been a couple from 2019 to 2020. After their separation, the two even became parents: little Mayla saw the light of day. However, the relationship between the two did not seem to be really good after the end of love. Now Alex is speaking for the first time on the subject.

In his documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” explains the Olympic champion: “Of course it’s not easy. Me and my mother are separated. But we try to have a relationship that’s okay.” Nevertheless, the 25-year-old always tries to take care of his little daughter: “I try to see my daughter at every opportunity!”

After the breakup, Alex and brenda initially not so well understood – according to the former Germany’s next top model candidate, the blond boy did not contact her. A few weeks after Mayla’s birth, however, reconciliation was apparently achieved for the benefit of her daughter.

Source: celebtap.com