How does Laura Maria Rypa (27) reconcile everything so well? At the beginning of the year, the influencer became a mother for the first time and welcomed a son into the world together with her fiancé Pietro Lombardi (30). The small Leano Romeo is her pride and joy – but of course it also takes a lot of time and attention. how does it work laurato take care of your relationship, the household and yourself at the same time?

In your InstagramThe 27-year-old revealed the story: “I think the most important thing is to keep calm. I keep realizing that Leano it’s also a lot quieter.” She is a very spontaneous person, but loves structure. That’s why she started early on to get her son used to certain routines. “When he’s sleeping or playing a bit, I take care of the household,” gave laura price. Otherwise, she also takes time for herself during this period: “Or I coordinate my appointments in such a way that Peter in the time has the little one.”

That things are going great in their relationship as well laura and Peter proved again and again on the internet. A few weeks ago, for example, the singer wrote in his Instagram-Story: “I love you. And I wanted to tell you one more thing: Not only are you an incredible woman, you’re also an incredibly amazing mom.”