What are the fans saying about the first two thirds of the Eurovision Song Contest? Because of the war in Siegerland Ukraine, the competition will be broadcast from Great Britain this year. The atmosphere in Liverpool is quite boisterous. In the meantime, more than half of the 26 participants in the grand finale have performed. Germany’s act with Lord of the Lost is still pending. But how has the show been received by viewers so far?

“I haven’t looked for a few years – now I remember why. Or is it just me that finds the level really bad?” and “Is the motto today ‘please only replaceable songs’?” asked only two of the many users Twitter. Another regretted that the competition was less about the music and more about the show. “Feels like this could really be the strongest ESC ever in terms of the contributions,” said another.

The greatest chances of victory are loud Picture attributed to the Swedish singer Loreen (39), who won the competition in 2012. The Scandinavian neighbor Finland lands too Käärijä in second place in the ranking. But Ukraine should also have a good chance of winning with the Tvorchi duo.

Source: celebtap.com