She’s been there from the start! Actress Chandra Wilson (53) has played doctor Miranda Bailey since the first season of Grey’s Anatomy. The hit series now has 19 seasons, how many there will be in total is not known. There are regular changes in the cast of the show, most recently Kelly McCreary (41) declared her departure from the program. But how long can fans enjoy Chandra in her role?

The actress herself is now bringing clarity to her fans. At Us Weekly she explains about her whereabouts in the show: “I challenged myself to stay to the end. It’s funny, a lot of the cast have been there for 13-14 seasons and it still feels like they’re new. We’re very proud of our working environment.” Chandra also explains that the show’s entire team tries to maintain that atmosphere, so former cast members know they can always come back.

She also makes it clear about the return of old characters: “‘Grey’s’ is like a home for us. Our fans love the stories and we’re building on that!” For example, Kate Walsh (55) recently returned to the set of the doctor series after a nine-year break.