Anna Adamyan (26) gives her followers an intimate insight into her pregnancy. A big dream is currently coming true for the influencer: After her desire to have children remained unfulfilled for a long time, the model is now finally pregnant. The brunette is now halfway through her pregnancy and is overjoyed. There was a situation some time ago that worried Anna a little…

A few weeks ago, a hematoma was found in Anna’s uterus. The discovery of this was an absolute coincidence, Anna now said in hers Instagram-Story: “I had no other pain, no bleeding either. It was discovered on vaginal ultrasound, early in the 12th week. It was impossible to miss. At the time I was still taking so many medicines anyway and I had a different body feeling anyway.” But it was no danger for the baby. In the 19th week of pregnancy the hematoma was almost gone.

Nevertheless, the situation caused Anna quite a bit of concern at times. “It scared me so much and mentally it really weighed on me. Even though I knew it was far enough away from the placenta. Baby Adamyan was 0.0 bothered by that,” she said.