Howie Long Wife, Sons, Family, Age, Height, Biography

Howie Long Wife, Sons, Family, Age, Height, Biography

After thirteen eventful years in the premier league of American football, Howie Long retired from the game to pursue other interests, including acting. It is very rare for an ex-athlete to make a seamless transition from sport to an acting career, Howie Long succeeded in doing so.

Howie Long Biography (Age)

Born on January 6, 1960, Howie, as he is affectionately known, was born in Massachusetts in a small town called Somerville, but grew up in Charlestown, Boston.

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Although currently retired, Howie made a name for himself in the NFL by playing football for a number of clubs, including the Los Angeles Raiders. His soccer career began in high school. Howie attended Milford High School in Massachusetts, where he more or less achieved cult hero status. His heroic deeds at the time made him one of the greats in the school’s sporting history and led to his being inducted into the Milford Hall of Fame. He was your all-around sportsman and had a bit of everything; he was strong like a bull and very fast.

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Howie went on to set state records in the shot put and discus throwing. During his studies, he also played in college and earned a degree in communication sciences at Villanova University. Finally, in 1980, he was selected to participate in the Blue-Grey Classic of football and was named the most valuable player.

He had a solid start in his first and second years of study, but in his next season, he was hit by a recurring thigh injury but soon recovered and went on the defensive. He earned All-East Honors and an honorable mention in his senior year. Aside from being an important footballer in college, Howie also immersed himself in boxing and became a heavyweight boxing champion at Northern Collegiate.

After leaving college in 1980, he was soon selected in the second round of the 1981 draft by the Oakland Raiders, where Howie would play for 13 seasons under the iconic number 75. With a combination of size and a strong defensive line, Howie earned 8 Pro Bowl selections. His “rip”-typical defensive move received a thumbs-up every time he broke the grip of an opposing blocker. All in all, the man was an integral part of the team and made it to the Super Bowl XVIII in 1984. In 2000 he was honored for his merits and inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

After a truly successful professional football career, Howie Long retired after the 1993 NFL season. After his retirement, he began to play mainly action movies, playing in films such as Firestorm, 3000 Miles to Graceland, In That You Do! and Broken Arrow alongside John Travolta. In Broken Arrow, he had a popular sound effect, which was attributed to him during his death scene and was soon called “Howie Scream”. Apart from his acting career, he has pursued a career in radio and is currently an analyst for NFL coverage of Fox Sports.

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Howie Long received the Sports Emmy Award for “Outstanding Sports Personality of the Year” in 1997. He is the author of Football for Dummies, a book that helps beginners in the world of football.

Howie Long hosts his own annual show on Fox – Howie Long’s Tough Guys, a show where he honors the strongest and toughest NFL players. The winner receives a Chevrolet truck.

His Family, Wife, and Sons

Howie Long married his long-time lover Diane Addonizo just one year after being drafted by the Oakland Raiders in 1982, and the couple is blessed with three sons.

Howie Long Wife, Sons, Family, Age, Height, Biography
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It is obvious that football runs in the family as two of his sons follow in his footsteps and enter the sport. His eldest son Chris Long is the defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, while his second son Kyle Long is the point guard for the Chicago Bears. The only family member not involved in the professional ball is his last son Howie Long Jr. The members of the Long family are devout Roman Catholic Christians.

Howie Long’s Height

As an ex-professional footballer, it is no surprise that Howie Long has an impressive, strong physique. His physique has helped him extensively to thrive in the sport and withstand the rigors of professional football. He has an impressive height of 196 cm (6 ft 5) and weighs 122 kg (268 lbs).

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