Drew Barrymore (48) takes it with humor. The US actress had to put up with a nasty joke from her colleague Hugh Grant (62). In an interview, he reported on his singing experience on the set of their joint film “Into the Heart – A Song for You”. He remembered that he would have found her singing voice terrible and made fun of it. Well reacted drew on Hughes fun by singing to him.

On their Instagram-Profile shares drew a video of herself singing into a brush. She captioned the clip, “My answer to Hugh Grant.” She then sings the song “Way Back Into Love,” which she sang with the Brit in her 2007 film. “Oh Hugh“Bert, Hubert, this is for you”, it finally ends in a singsong voice. That Hugh If she didn’t like her singing, she doesn’t seem to care. At least she takes his joke with humor at her expense.

It is already Hughes second derailment in a few days. At the Oscars, his interview with Ashley Graham (35) caused a sensation. The “Actually … Love” actor had reacted somewhat reservedly to the catwalk beauty’s questions and only gave short answers. He even rolled his eyes at the end.

Source: celebtap.com