If that works out? Vanessa Mai (30) is an indispensable part of the German music world! With her hits like “Wolke 7” or “I Sterb Für Dich” she not only delighted her die-hard fans. But the singer also has great success in love! In 2017 she married Andreas Ferber, the stepson of pop legend Andrea Berg (57). However, he is not only the partner of the beauty, but also her manager. Vanessa now reveals how well they cope with these two roles!

“For us there are many more positive things than negative things, that we are together and work,” explains the 30-year-old in an interview RTL. This interaction has meanwhile settled down very well with the spouses. “We are on a level that we are not just husband and wife or spouses, but we are soul mates, we are friends too, we are siblings”leads vanessa further out. Depending on the situation in life, the relationship between her and her loved one adapts. “I wish everyone a person like me in Andrew found,” enthuses the “Infinite” interpreter.

However, things didn’t always look so rosy between the couple. At “Full pot” spoke vanessa about a dark time in her life that had also impacted her marriage. “I was really, really, really disgusting, I was young, I had totally lost myself, everything was upside down,” said vanessa honest. “I would have understood if he had divorced”, she admitted. But Andrew I got through the difficult times with her.

Source: celebtap.com