Implantation bleeding: Meghan Trainor had no idea!

Meghan Trainor (29) was ignorant for a long time! The “Dear Future Husband” interpreter announced a few days ago that she and her husband Daryl Sabara (30) are expecting their second child. The two already have a son together, named Riley. The pop singer has already shared her first pregnancy with her fans – now the Grammy winner reveals an interesting detail from the first few weeks of her second: Meghan didn’t even realize she was pregnant at first – she thought she still had her period!

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“I didn’t know I was pregnant because early in the pregnancy I was bleeding so heavily I thought I was on my period, ” Meghan told People. The 29-year-old was therefore very surprised when she found out how far her pregnancy had progressed. Then the pop singer got smart. She was dealing with so-called implantation bleeding, which can occur in the early stages of pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding: Meghan Trainor had no idea!

Meghan also revealed the location of her unusual bleeding. “When you get your Fallon days…” she posted on TikTok in October 2022. Looking back, she explains today: “That was my implantation. I fucking created life. I created life during my sound check on Fallon.”