Lindsay Lohan (36) makes a fashion statement. The actress is expecting right now together with her partner Bader Shammas her first child. And she seems to be enjoying her pregnancy to the fullest. She regularly shares fresh updates and pictures of her baby bump online. However, her offspring is probably bigger than expected, because she recently showed herself with a surprisingly large belly. And now share Lindsay her casual maternity outfit.

In your Instagram-Story shares Lindsay a cool mirror selfie of yourself. “Happy Saturday,” she greets her fans and poses in a casual look. She has thrown a translucent cardigan over a black full body look and wears huge dark sunglasses on her nose. The “Girls Club” actress opted for comfortable sneakers and a light brown handbag. In this look, the 36-year-old at least gives the impression of being deeply relaxed and casual.

Long should Lindsay no longer wait for her baby, because her friends had apparently even organized a baby shower for her. Her good friend Juliet Angus was at Instagram written: “I flew into town to give my gorgeous pregnant friend and beaming mum a gift.” The entrepreneur had shared a photo with her. Lindsay herself had indicated something similar with a selfie with her sister Aliana.