The royals are usually silent about their private lives: Prince William (40) and Princess Kate (41) are usually very careful to protect their privacy. However, sometimes they give their fans a glimpse into their life in the palace. What rules apply in the royal household, how are the three children brought up and what is on the table at home? William now revealed which of the two is the better cook!

How Daily Mail Now reported, Prince William spoke about his and Kate’s cooking skills at a cooking class for young carers. The prince explained to chef Kevin Muhammad: “I cook sometimes, but Catherine is very good! But I always manage steak well!” A lot is also known about her favorite dishes: there is said to be regular fish in the royal household, but her favorite delivery service is not neglected either. However, the food is not delivered to the palace, an employee goes to pick it up .

Kate previously revealed in 2019 that William tried to win her over with his cooking skills. In a baking show, the princess reported opposite Merry Berry: “I think he wanted to impress me. He cooked all sorts of things.”