Was Princess Kate (41) worried before the coronation? Last weekend the time had finally come: King Charles III. (74) was officially crowned. For her father-in-law’s special day, Kate dressed up neatly: the royal shone in a royal robe of the Victorian cloak. But the pompous dress seemed to worry Kate, which is why she anxiously turned to her husband William (40)!

That’s what professional lipreader Jeremy Freeman revealed DailyStar. The 41-year-old seemed to have been visibly worried about her dress, because before she went to the abbey, Kate demanded of her husband: “Mind the dress.” The lip reader also wants to know what William then replied reassuringly: “Don’t worry, I’ve got it under control.”

With her pompous robe, Kate made some headlines after the coronation: For her look, the mother of three combined pearl and diamond earrings that Princess Diana (✝36) once wore – and thus paid tribute to her husband’s late mother. But Kate also chose an heirloom from Queen Elizabeth II (✝96) for this historic day: the chain was made decades ago for the late monarch at her father’s request King George (✝56) made.

Source: celebtap.com