Rapper 18 Karat and his girlfriend Maya have vowed eternal love! At the end of February, the lover of the “Gangsta Gangsta” interpreter revealed that they wanted to get married. The only catch: Ivo – as the musician’s real name is – has been in jail for around two months. But the prison sentence is not an obstacle for the couple’s love: 18 Karat and Maya got married behind bars!

The two have now given the javascript in the JVA. “It was like in the registry office! The social worker had brought flowers and cake, drinks and coffee were ready. Of course there was no sparkling wine. Ivo was wearing a hot, black and gold suit that I had gotten.”Maya reported Picture from the unusual marriage ceremony behind bars. The rapper with the gold mask was “very happy” and was happy to see his bride.

However, the ceremony behind Swedish curtains had to take place under strict rules. For example, the bridal couple was hardly allowed to receive any guests at the celebration. “No one is allowed to come with me, except for my mother and my mother-in-law”Maya explained.

Source: celebtap.com