Could there have been drama at King Charles’ (74) coronation? Last week, the palace announced that Prince Harry (38) would appear on his father’s most important day after much back and forth. However, his wife Meghan (41) would not come. Princess Kate (41) in particular is said to be relieved about her cancellation of the coronation because she does not have to meet her sister-in-law. According to a royal expert, if Kate had come to the coronation, Meghan would have been relegated to the back rows!

According to a royal insider, Kate in particular is said to have had an influence on Meghan’s decision. “If Meghan had come, she would have had to sit in the back rows,” revealed the expert UK News to a warning that the princess is said to have given to her sister-in-law. Royal fans should be grateful to Kate for stopping Meghan from attending the coronation and declaring in her circles that she doesn’t want Harry’s wife at the event “under any circumstances”.

In a statement to the British royal family Page Six it was said that Prince Harry would attend the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey on May 6th. “The Duchess of Sussex remains in California with Prince Archie, 3, and Princess Lilibet, 1.”the spokesman explained further.