Daniele Negroni (27) wants to start a family. The singer and his girlfriend Davina have been a couple since 2021. But not only that: just a few months after getting to know each other, the former DSDS participant got on his knees in front of the brunette and asked all the questions. But the big fairytale wedding does not seem to be the only future goal of the two. Across from celebrity flash Daniele now spoke about child planning.

“Children have to come here. I’m not getting any younger either.”the singer joked in celebrity flash-Interview. Daniele also made it clear: “I’ve always said I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl, the main thing is healthy.” But for now, the couple wants to wait and see, because Davina still has to finish her education. “Then you can actually start thinking about making a little Daniele,” he explained.

But in addition to the big wedding and family planning, Daniele is also preparing for the Ballermann season. “I’ll be playing at Ballermann with two of my colleagues starting next week. We’ve started a fun band.”, he admitted in the interview. The singer is looking forward to the time in Mallorca.

Source: celebtap.com