Yeliz Koc (29) reflects on the essentials. There is all sorts of fuss about her again: After the dramas with her ex-boyfriends Johannes Haller (35) and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (31), the influencer has now experienced the next love broke with Jannik Kontalis. She accuses her Make Love, Fake Lover chosen, of cheating on her, after which he uploaded a lengthy self-defeating statement with his own allegations. But Yeliz apparently not deterred by this.

In the midst of the mud fight, she shows herself Instagram now totally happy and balanced: filming together with her daughter Yeliz themselves while painting and handicrafts. She also smiles happily at the camera with Snow (1) on her lap. Seems like the former bachelor’s nominee is staying strong for her baby daughter now and not letting the drama rule her everyday life.

previously had Yeliz enraged in her story Janniks Allegations of a close relationship with her runner-up Max Bornmann reacted and presented her own side. Their relationship was purely platonic and the 29-year-old was always honest about it.