Cathy Hummels (35) puts her words into action! In 2015, the presenter and the soccer professional Mats Hummels (34) entered into the bond of marriage. After numerous separation rumors, the two divorced last December. A few days ago, the mother of a son announced that she would like to auction off her former partner’s wedding suit. And indeed – Cathy now sell the good piece!

In your Instagramstory, the 35-year-old showed up in the said outfit and called on her followers to buy. “If you would like to take this sensational, tailor-made suit from 06/15/2015 from my wedding back then Mats Hummels to bid, then participate directly now.” Cathy really worked hard and emphasized: “This unique item is available once in the whole world. All profits will be donated to ‘Ein Herz für Kinder’.”

Despite the love-off, the former spouses still seem to get along well. had in March Cathy reveal what was the reason for the end of the relationship. “As a couple, at some point we just weren’t on the same wavelength anymore”she explained to Gala.