Gedeon Burkhard (53) has found happiness! The actor is best known from the television series “Kommissar Rex”. He also made a name for himself through numerous other films and series. Last year, the native of Munich talked about his love life and revealed that he had a new girlfriend after his marriage. However, she is not the only one: Gedeon currently has two girlfriends!

In an interview with Colorful told the “Inglourious Basterds” actor about his polygamous partnership. “And I’m not the big zampano here who has two wives. It’s a real threesome, not just sexual, but a balanced and deep connection in all aspects.”, Gedeon clarified. He lives in Berlin in a large apartment with his friends Ann-Britt Dittmar and Sasha Veduta.

His mother recently moved to the trio. “You can’t imagine that my mother, who wasn’t always so enthusiastic about my girlfriends, fell in love with both girls.”the 53-year-old joked to the newspaper.