The countdown is running! Ireland Baldwin (27) has been in a relationship with the musician RAC since July 2021 and the two are apparently quite happy with each other. In December last year, Alec Baldwin’s (65) daughter announced good news: the couple is expecting their first offspring. And it’s getting serious – the beauty can’t wait to welcome her baby into the world. In the meantime, even the children’s room is ready!

In a series of pictures Instagram gives Ireland her fans cute insights into her daughter’s future room – and that’s under the motto fruits! Apples, papayas and watermelons are painted on the walls, and a mobile with fruit made of fabric hangs over the little one’s bed. “I had so much fun styling this fruit themed nursery for our little girl”the mother-to-be writes happily about the photos.

A few days ago, the beauty gave her fans a pregnancy update on social media. “Was that a contraction, am I dying, or was it gas?”, the model joked alongside a hilarious video while lying on a gurney with her doctor. “Wait until you laugh or sneeze and think your water broke but it was just pee,” one amused user commented on the clip.