Ireland Baldwin (27) is obviously very proud of her baby bump! The daughter of actor Alec Baldwin (64) announced her relationship with rapper RAC last year. Since then, they have repeatedly shown how happy they are online. When the model announced her pregnancy in December, happiness seemed perfect. Since then, she has also regularly presented her baby bump online. And now showed Ireland dancing to her fans, how much she is looking forward to her offspring.

On Thursday, the 27-year-old posted a clip on her InstagramChannel showing her happily swinging her hips. She wears beige jogging pants and a brown top, which only covers her chest – her baby ball is therefore optimally in focus. Ireland commented on the recording itself, saying: “How do you prepare for the birth? Me: -.”

For the baby shower have yourself Ireland and RAC chose a very special place to celebrate: a strip club. They shared snippets of the party on their social media channels and said: “My friends and family threw us a very traditional baby shower.”