Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married, Who Is His Wife, Son? Is He Gay?

Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married, Who Is His Wife, Son? Is He Gay?

Life comes to us in different folds. For some, it is a rollercoaster of comfort, wealth, and fame, while for others it is a mixture of the unpleasant and sometimes pleasant things that come up later in life and which they cannot help but enjoy. One person who falls into the category of the later is Donnie Mcclurkin.

Donald Andrew “Donnie” McClurkin, Jr. was born November 9, 1959, in Chester, South Carolina. At the age of 8, he lost his younger brother to a hit-and-run driver. Shortly thereafter, as a child, he became a victim of sexual abuse by his uncle, and over the years he was still sexually abused by his uncle’s son. The painful experiences in Donnie’s life were re-ignited when two of his sisters suffered from drug abuse. Yet there is always a light at the end of every dark tunnel, and the light in Donny Mcclurkin’s tunnel (life) was Jesus Christ, whom he found when he went to church and was encouraged by his aunt who sang with Andraé Crouch, a gospel musician.

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As a teenager, he formed a music group called the McClurkin Singers, and after a while, he put together another one, the New York Restoration Choir, with whom he began recording in 1975. All this was done in devotion to his newfound love in Jesus Christ and eventually to further his career as a gospel musician.

Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married, Who Is His Wife, Son? Is He Gay?
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In 1989, the South Carolina gospel musician was hired as an extraordinary pastor at the Marvin Winans Perfection Church in Detroit, Michigan, where he served as an assistant for more than a decade.

However, his respite from life’s vicissitudes was interrupted in 1991 when he experienced stabbing pain and swelling, followed by internal bleeding, later diagnosed as leukemia. It was as if the illness destroyed his joy and the blessings he had become for many believers in Christ. His doctor suggested immediate treatment, but because of his faith in the Word of God, Donnie, who was 31 years old, decided to practice exactly what every Christian minister preaches: the omnipotence of God to heal all. His faith did not let him down. Not only did he survive without medical treatment, but he did other great things by spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Donnie Mcclurkin has built a successful career as a gospel musician over the years, which has been rewarded with many awards. His 1996 album of the same name, Donnie McClurkin, was released under the Warner Alliance label in 1996, again under the Verity Records label in 2013 and 2014 Duets under the RCA Inspirational label. Some of his spirit-reviving singles are “Church Medley” (2006) and “I Need You” (2014). Donnie has won three Grammy Awards, two Soul Train Awards, ten Stellar Awards, two BET Awards, one Dove Award, and one NAACP Image Award, and many more awards are to come.

Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married, Who is His Wife and Son?

Around August 2016, the gospel musician whom God healed of leukemia is said to have been in a relationship with Nicole C. Mullen, a gospel singer, when they appeared on TBN’s Praise the Lord, a faith-based talk show with Pastor A.R. Bernard.

Matt Crouch, the host of the show, announced that Donnie was getting married, no one had to think much about who the bride would be, as Nicole C. Mullen fitted very well into the picture of a better half for God’s servant. McClurkin didn’t deny the likelihood of the show, but Mullen further clarified her position on Twitter, declaring that they were together but not getting married. In a video interview, she did with Premier Gospel, she shed more light on the current issue and stated that they were on their way there (marriage), but protocols had to be followed and they still had a lot to talk about.

So this means that Donnie Mcclurkin is not yet married to Nicole C. Mullen, but is still in a relationship with her.

Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married, Who Is His Wife, Son? Is He Gay?
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The musician has a biological son named Mathew Mcclurkin (born in 2000) who he had with Kim, he is also the father of a girl named Michelle whom he adopted at the age of 9, just one year after the birth of his son.

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Is He Gay?

After he lost his brother in a hit and run accident, Donnie and his other siblings were sent to their grandmother and after a while to their uncle Clarence.

It was his uncle who robbed him of his sexual innocence at the time he called him a “broken man”. As an 8-year-old, even before he received his first kiss from a girl, Donnie was shamefully raped by his uncle and then thrown into a world of confusion. At the age of 13, his uncle’s son, Clarence Jr., also raped him and even made him his sex slave with threats to do worse to him if he told anyone.

Donnie Mcclurkin lived in confusion for years, even finding men with similar intentions in the church that was his safe haven. Yet he was able to find peace with God’s redeeming love. However, his previous experiences with gay relatives did not make him gay.

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