Is Guillermo Rodriguez Married? Who Is His Wife, Family?

Is Guillermo Rodriguez Married? Who Is His Wife, Family?

It is not every day that their lives change dramatically from a “normal” to a “popular” life, and Guillermo Rodriguez is just a perfect example. Guillermo Rodriguez is currently known as the former security guard in the studio parking lot on Hollywood Boulevard, who became famous in 2003 after serving as a comic book security guard on the popular late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! Today he can be seen regularly on the show where he acts as Jimmy’s henchman. He has also had the opportunity to interview some of the most popular celebrities on the red carpet and has been cast in some very successful movies. Would you like to learn more about this hilarious personality? Then read on.

Guillermo Rodriguez Bio 

Guillermo Rodriguez was born on January 27, 1971, in Zacatecas, Mexico. He moved to the United States in 2003 and was working a few menial jobs to make ends meet. Initially, he worked as a waiter in a hotel and was also a parking lot attendant on Hollywood Boulevard. According to him, in these casual jobs, he remembered that his daily routine on his first job started from 6:00 to 2:30 pm, while his second job started from 4:00 to 12:00 pm. This meant that he had virtually no vacation or extensive personal time for things like relaxation or socializing.

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That same year (2003), after being used as comic relief in one of the episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Because of his bulky appearance and broken English, coupled with his overall likable and funny personality, this episode was a massive success, prompting producers to consider giving him a long-term role as a supporting actor in the series. When he started, he was still working as a parking lot attendant and also as an actor in the series, but with time he couldn’t keep up with both, so he stuck with his newfound job, which undoubtedly brought him fame and fortune he only dreamed of. By 2005 he had received his green papers, which made him a bonafide citizen of the United States.

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With his job as a henchman and correspondent for Jimmel Kimmel Live! on the red carpet, he was able to take more time for himself and flourish financially. According to him, he gets 8 weeks of vacation every year and is also paid, no matter what happens, whether he’s still in the show or is out of work due to royalties.

He also got the opportunity to interview many celebrities on the red carpet, including models and top basketball players. Interestingly, his interviews were conducted in a funny tone of voice, because most of the time his interview partners did not know who he was at that time, nor did they know that he was a correspondent for Jimmy. This was done to get the most honest reaction from stars who thought he was just an unknown TV correspondent.

Family – Is Guillermo Rodriguez Married? Who is His Wife?

When it comes to relationships, while some celebrities are very open about their family or who they are with, some are not so open. Nevertheless, Guillermo does not belong to either category, as he is somewhat in the middle. The thing is that he has not only had the opportunity to talk about his wife or family in great detail just because he has a son he loves so much and who he puts on display whenever he gets the chance. His name is Benji Rodriguez and he was born on December 11, 2011.

Is Guillermo Rodriguez Married? Who Is His Wife, Family?
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Although he has not revealed any tangible information about his wife, Guillermo Rodriguez published a picture of him and his wife at their very first Jewish wedding together on September 1, 2014. In the picture, he stood a little shorter than she did, although they seemed to love each other cuddly and quite dearly. We will certainly keep you informed when more information about his private life is available.

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Other Facts About Him

  • In 2009, he got the chance to star in his first feature film, a comedy/indie movie called Rock Slyde, while in 2017 he appeared in the superhero movie Guardians of The Galaxy: Inferno.
  • The comedian is worth over $2 million, a sum he has raised primarily through his appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and red carpet interviews.
  • He desperately loves Mexican and Italian delicacies.
  • Guillermo owns two Chihuahuas named Pepe and Paco.
  • He is a big soccer fan.

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