The fans are worried! The reality star Shayne Jansen is known for his participation in the second season of Love Is Blind, in which he was married to his fiancé Natalie Lee was left at the altar. On the show, the hottie was best known for his energetic and unpredictable behavior – many fans then worried about him. However, the broadcaster clarified that the reason was his severe ADHD. Now Shayne was again in a condition that worried many fans.

in one Instagram-Live, the real estate agent appeared with untidy hair and unable to form coherent sentences. The ‘Love Is Blind’ star had trouble sitting still and kept wincing. Also, Shayne stuttered that he was sabotaging everything himself and that America was a free country. For fans, this made little sense and caused confusion.

But in the comments, many users were also concerned. “Can someone please check if he’s okay?” wrote one follower. Another fan appealed to the reality star: “He needs help urgently. This can’t go on like this. Please get help, Shayne.” Do you think the fans’ concern is justified? Vote below!