Sarah Engel’s (30) son had a difficult start in life. Together with her ex-husband Pietro Lombardi (30), the singer had her first child in the summer of 2015. Little Alessio had to be operated on right after birth because he had a heart defect. The musician’s son is now seven years old. Is Alessio’s heart problem still there? Sarah enlighten now!

In a Instagram-Question round, the 30-year-old was asked whether her son was still struggling with his heart condition or whether he had to take something for it. “Fortunately he has no problems at all and can do everything normally and does not need any medication”explained Sarah. She was happy that Alessio has survived this time: “If you think about what it was like back then, you can only be grateful.”

Especially because the illness has now been overcome, the DSDS candidate attaches great importance to a healthy and balanced diet for her son: “We make sure he eats a lot of fruit and vegetables and has one warm meal a day”she had in an interview with Solea (1) shortly before the birth of her second child Colorful told.