These two are enjoying a day in the sun together! Gisele Bundchen (42) is a Brazilian supermodel and has already walked the catwalk for Victoria’s Secret. The blonde was also doing well in love, because she was married to football star Tom Brady (45) for 13 years. Despite having two children together, they divorced last year. Now Gisele has been spotted again with her Jiu-Jitsu teacher Joaquim Valente and the two seemed to be having a blast!

On new paparazzi photos, which now include, among other things TMZ are available, the two can be seen together on the beach, playing frisbee and jumping into the sea together. While Joaquim presents his toned body in swim shorts, Gisele wears shorts with a blouse and a sun hat. Both seem to be having fun. Most recently, the two were spotted taking a relaxing walk with their dogs. The supermodel had previously claimed that she and the hottie were just friends.

A psychologist recently analyzed the relationship between Gisele and her ex Tom and was certain: the chances of a love comeback are high! The expert said the ex-couple’s posts show how much they miss each other. Rumor has it that Tom’s football career got in the way of the marriage. Since the athlete has now ended his career, nothing would stand in the way of his comeback.