The first half of the 4th season “You – Du will love me” is currently successfully running on Netflix. Naturally, fans eagerly await what happens next. Now Joe actor Penn Badgley has hinted that the series could end soon.

In Season 4 of You, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) has decided to finally leave his life of crime behind. He moves to London and takes the name Jonathan Moore to work there as a professor. The hope of harboring no further suspicions is quickly dashed. Because soon Joe aka Jonathan gets into trouble again, which ultimately also has to do with the fact that he finally tries to break free from Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

The fourth season “You” is split into two parts. While the first five episodes are currently running very successfully on Netflix, the second half of the season will be released on March 9, 2023 – and fans are of course very much looking forward to it. In an interview with the podcast Happy Sad Confused protagonist Penn Badgley has now given all ‘You’ fans a bit of a shock. Because it seems he doesn’t necessarily believe the series will continue for very long.

Does “You” end sooner than expected?

During the conversation, Badgley said: “I signed a six-year contract. So Netflix could do two more seasons if they wanted to. I think if there’s another season, it will stay that way. That’s just my opinion. I don’t know, I really don’t know. But I know everyone involved, from the top down, doesn’t want the show to get tired.”

You can watch the whole interview here:

So far, Netflix hasn’t even confirmed the fifth season of You, but given the popularity of the show, it’s safe to assume that fans will at least enjoy it. It remains to be seen whether a sixth season will follow. Maybe you decide to end the series with a movie or start a shortened season. According to Penn Badgley, it could be over after season 5. But that’s just a feeling from the actor, who apparently fears that the story would otherwise be drawn out too long.

That “You” is so celebrated is due in no small part to the fact that the series reinvents itself from season to season. While Season 1 still functioned as a rom-com (which, of course, spawned some bottomless flowers), Season 2 blossomed with a major twist that put the events in new context. Season 3 of You, on the other hand, was sort of a parody of suburban life. And now, in Season 4, “You” sees itself as some kind of crime series. All this is held together by an ambivalent protagonist who always wants to change, but ultimately remains a serial killer who can’t get out of his skin.

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