Jasmin Tawil (40) explains! Negative headlines surrounding the actress have been piling up for a few weeks. First she was probably arrested in Costa Rica, then admitted to a psychiatric ward and shared confused stories on social media. In the middle of this drama, her son Ocean was taken to a children’s home, but according to her father, he will soon come to Germany as well. But is that really true? Jasmine enlightens!

“Ocean is not coming to Germany now. Ocean is going to his dad”she explains annoyed in her Instagram-Story. It’s all going to be sorted out. “Now some misinformation has been picked up again from my father, from my sick father,” says jasmine further. She just wants to be left alone and be happy. She also has no contact with her father.

How RTL reported, explained jasmines Father Michael Weber: “It is true that my grandson will be back in Germany very soon.” The three-year-old was said to be placed in a foster home. But Ocean’s grandfather didn’t want to give up and tried to get custody himself: “Meanwhile I was also with the responsible judge of the guardianship court in Berlin and I was given the prospect of getting custody.”

Source: celebtap.com