Isaiah Briscoe Bio, Height, Weight, Career Stats and Family Life

Isaiah Briscoe Bio, Height, Weight, Career Stats and Family Life

Soon the NBA will need new superstars to market the sport. Those whose basketball careers began during this decade will wear the mantle of LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant and will maintain the league’s position as the dominant basketball league in the world. One of the people worth keeping an eye on as a potential superstar is Isaiah Briscoe of Orlando Magic. The American professional basketball player’s path to the NBA was no less challenging.

Isaiah Briscoe Bio

Isaiah Briscoe was born into a basketball family on April 13, 1996. If your father is a Hall of Famer, your sister is a former player and your cousin Kyrie Irving, basketball is no longer just a vocation or passion, it becomes a responsibility.

Many people tend to think that being born into a sports family means that you are naturally blessed with the talent and determination to succeed that has driven people before you, but no. This is something that needs to be honed, perhaps after a disappointment. For Isaiah, that disappointment was that he was not selected for the AAU team in his seventh grade.

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The fact that he didn’t make the AAU team spurred Isaiah’s determination. So when he was invited to LeBron James Skills Academy in eighth grade, he played so well and took advantage of the physical development of his body compared to his peers.

Briscoe didn’t let up after his experience on the AAU team. He would never be looked back on again, and he made sure of that.

Isaiah Briscoe attended two schools, St. Benedict’s Preparatory School and Roselle Catholic High School. In each school, he was a role model. At St. Benedict’s School, he almost made the team win an ESPN National High School Invitational Championship. He was much more successful in crossing the finish line in Roselle, where he led the team to two national titles in 2014 and 2015.

The renewed determination of Isaiah Briscoe paid off. In 2014, he was invited to join the AAU team for AAU New Jersey and with an average of 19.2 points and 5 assists in 23 games, he drove the team to the 2014 Nike Peach Championship. Isaiah became a player to watch out for and this was reflected in’s ranking for the 2015 recruitment class. Isaiah was ranked 10th nationally and was named the number one point guard in his class.

Isaiah Briscoe Bio, Height, Weight, Career Stats and Family Life
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College was the next point for Isaiah, and as a star aspirant, he lacked no options as a player. However, he chose the University of Kentucky. 2014/2015 was a great time for Isaiah’s aspiring career. Not only did he get his chance on the AAU stage, but he was also highly ranked by the top scouting organizations in the sport, including ESPN, which ranked him 13th nationally among the best talents of his peers. On the international front, he led Team USA to a gold medal at the 2014 FIBA Americans U18 Championships, making this his first international honor. Isaiah was not given this honor. In 2015 he was named McDonald’s All American, among other honors.

In college, Isaiah played at a higher level among even better players, he had problems in his first season, but he came into his second season in good standing, earning 12.1 points per game compared to the 9.6 points he had in his first season. Briscoe signed up for the 2017 NBA Draft at the end of the season.

The decision to forgo his college qualification may have been too early for Isaiah 2017. He was not drafted, and although he played in the NBA Summer League for the Philadelphia 76ers and had a training camp contract with the Trail Blazers, he was unable to secure a rookie contract. For this Isaiah, it was once again AAU.

But he didn’t give up, he went to Estonia and signed for Kalev/Cramo where he impressed with his performances and scored 18.5 points and 4.2 assists per game. It paid off and he was signed by the Orlando Magic on July 6, 2018.

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Isaiah Briscoe Career Stats

Jesaja is a talent with a young career. He hasn’t quite started his NBA career yet, but his achievements in college show that he is one to watch. His career statistics currently stand at 70 games played, 69 starts with an average of 31 minutes of play, 10.9 points, 3.7 assists, and 5.4 rebounds per game.

His Family Life

Isaiah Briscoe was born into a family of basketball players. His cousin is Kyrie Irving, who plays for the Boston Celtics. His father, George Briscoe, is in the Stockton State College Hall of Famer, and his sister, Iasia Hemingway, played for Syracuse University.

Isaiah Briscoe’s Height and Weight

The Orlando Magic Point Guard is 6 feet 3 inches tall and has a listed weight of 220 lb (100 kg). He has a wingspan of 6-9.5 wings, strong hands, and broad shoulders.

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