Fata Hasanović (28) reveals the sweet secret! The former GNTM participant has been with her childhood sweetheart Izi for several years. In March, the influencer had great news to announce: the couple is expecting their first offspring! Since then, the Dubai emigrant has kept her community up to date – with one exception: the gender of her baby. But now the time has come. Fata is having a boy!

Via Instagram shared the 28-year-old Video the gender reveal party: Surrounded by their loved ones, the parents-to-be celebrated the big moment on a boat. Together, Fata and her Izi let the confetti flutter: it shot blue out of the cannon. So it is clear – the two can look forward to a son. The two happily hug each other and enjoy the special moment.

A few days ago, the beauty dedicated cute lines to her baby. “My child, I am writing you this letter before you have even come into this world because I already have so much love for you”wrote Fata to a series of photos on her Instagram-Profile. She then gushed, “You are the most precious treasure in my life and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms and hug you.”

Source: celebtap.com