Jae Lin – Everything To Know About Anderson Paak’s wife
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Jae Lin is the Korean wife of American rapper Anderson Paak. Despite Anderson’s popularity, little is known about the woman. He is one of the few celebrities who prefer to stay out of the spotlight and reveal as little information as possible about his private life.

It is obvious that his art is at the center of attention when it comes to his public relations work. But despite his attempts to shroud his private life in darkness, his wife’s identity is known to the public. To learn more about Jae Lin, the barely known wife of this rapper, read on!

Everything To Know About Jae Lin

Jae Lin Biography

Anderson Paak is a rapper whose relationship with the media lives from irony, he is a celebrity who is not a fan of the limelight, and that makes it difficult to know many things about him. In marriages that celebrities have entered into, they are usually the center of the relationship, and there is more information about them than about their spouse or partner. The same is true for Paak and his wife, but because of his aversion to public knowledge of himself, very little is known about him, and consequently very little is known about his wife.

Jae Lin – Everything To Know About Anderson Paak’s wife
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Interestingly, Jae Lin is the name of his wife, and this is the most that is known about her, both the day of her birth and the year are unknown. It is known, however, that she comes from Korea. Just like her husband, Jae Lin, whose name is also written as Jaylyn, leads a life protected from the public and the news, which makes it difficult to know many details about her life.

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Jae Lin Relationship with Anderson Paak

Jae Lin met her husband during her studies at the Musicians Institute of Hollywood, Anderson was a teacher at the school, and their romance began within the walls of the school. The exact year they met is not known, but they were married in 2011, the same year the couple welcomed their son, Soul Rasheed, into the world.

Jae Lin is not the first woman Paak is married to. He met his first wife in church, and he declared that the moment he married her, he was ready to leave the relationship. However, he managed to stay in the marriage for two years before their marriage ended in divorce. In the meantime, Paak was just twenty-one years old when he married for the first time.

When he was still married to Jae Lin, Paak talked about how grateful he was that they were together, that she stood by him when things were hard and his music didn’t bring results.

Her Husband – Anderson Paak

Jae Lin – Everything To Know About Anderson Paak’s wife
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Jae Lin’s husband Anderson Paak is a rapper who has gone through many changes and processes to get to where he is today in the rap game. As a child born in California, he witnessed his father attack his mother, which led to his father being arrested and eventually disappearing from his life. Paak was born Brandon Paak Anderson in 1986, and as a teenager, he started making music. His music career really started in 2011, and from 2013 he had his first successes. Before he became known as Anderson Paak, he used the stage name Breezy Lovejoy, with which he released his first EP.

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He then released more EPs and four studio albums, including Venice, which was released in 2014, and Malibu, which was released in 2016. Two years later, in 2018, he released Oxnard, and in 2019 Ventura was released. Due to the uniqueness of his songs, he has created many works in collaboration with other top artists. These artists include Jhene Aiko, Dr. Dre, Mac Miller, Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis, to name but a few.

Jae Lin’s husband is also one half of the duo, NxWorries, with the other half as Knxwledge, who is the producer. The duo has been making music since before 2015, and they are under contract with the Stones Throw Record. However, they have not released an album until 2016, when they released their first studio album Yes Lawd!

Before their signature and debut album, NxWorries’ EP Link Up & Suede became a hit on SoundCloud, where it was released. The fans especially loved the song Suede, which included a sample of the Gil Scott-Heron song The Bottle.