James Cameron Reveals Kate Winslet Almost Didn't Star in Titanic

James Cameron Reveals Kate Winslet Almost Didn’t Star in Titanic

Titanic” returns tomorrow (09) to theaters, close to Valentine’s Day in the United States and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of its release. At a recent press conference, director James Cameron comments that he almost didn’t cast Kate Winslet in the feature.

The actress plays the main character, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Jack. In a press conference found by Omelet, he reveals: “We saw a lot of young actresses. And Kate was one of them”, he also adds “I wanted someone who really wanted to do that. Kate showed a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the character. She believed she could do it, but I wasn’t convinced.”

Because of the period films that she was quoted to participate in, the director didn’t want to see her even in the auditions. However, upon meeting Kate and watching her audition, he liked and was interested in her determination. After trying out for the role, she sent a note to the director saying that she should play Kate and he comments recalling in the interview “but Kate has a very strong personality and she kind of expresses her will to the world”.

James Cameron Answers Whether Jack Would Have Survived In ‘Titanic’

Titanic” is about to return to theaters in celebration of the 25th anniversary of its release. The film will also arrive close to Valentine’s Day in the United States, celebrated on February 14th. In an interview promoting the re-release, director James Cameron finally answers whether Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) would survive the film’s ending.

In a special NatGeo article, Cameron comments on the theory that the romantic couple could have climbed in the door along with Kate Winslet’s character and survived the sinking Titanic. He answers:

“We have done a scientific study that will debunk this theory once and for all. We used an expert in hypothermia and hired two people with the same body mass as Kate and Leo at the time, in addition to reconstructing the door used in the recordings”.

And in fact, the team tested it with two stuntmen in a laboratory and they did the test and proved that due to hypothermia, both would reach a temperature that the body could not withstand. If they were at the door, the whole body would not fit and the part that was in the water would be frozen.

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