Jana-Maria Herz (31) is now commenting personally on the rumors of separation! The former Bachelor candidate and her boyfriend Umut Tekin (25) met and fell in love last year on the Bachelor in Paradise show. The relationship seemed to be going perfectly for a few months until the two deleted all their photos together last week. In the meantime, however, the influencers have probably made up again. find now Jana Maria a few personal words on the subject.

“It’s normal to have problems in a relationship, you all probably know that”announces the TV fame in her Instagram-Story and makes a balanced impression. “That’s why I’m happy that I’m flying to him next week, then I’ll be back in Ravensburg for a while,” reports Jana Maria happily on. However, she can only stay a few weeks, as there is quite a lot of work waiting for her in her adopted home of Marbella. Nevertheless, she already has a solution for the future: “Then I’ll just commute back and forth.”

Many of the celebrity flash-Readers have already guessed that there is between umut and Jana Maria crises. In a survey, 90.8 percent assumed that there was a crisis in the relationship. Only 9.2 percent were of the opinion that there could be other reasons why the two had deleted their couple pictures.

Source: celebtap.com