She wants to keep her clothes on! Jane Fonda (85) is not only known as an actress, but also as a successful model. With her iconic aerobics and later also yoga videos, the popularity created a fitness empire and was considered a real sex symbol for many years due to the sexy clips. She now speaks openly about taboo subjects such as her bulimia. Now Jane admitted that she no longer wants to show her body to a new man.

“I’m proud of my body,” said the 85-year-old “Wiser than Me”-Podcast clear. “But I don’t have to show anyone my body either. I’m very vain and that’s why it would be difficult for me to undress in front of someone.”, she admitted. “If I’d had a partner for many years, I wouldn’t mind. But I wouldn’t undress in front of a new lover,” explained Jane.

As the conversation continued, the star touched on another taboo topic: her cosmetic procedures. “I wish I could have made peace with getting old. But I couldn’t and it doesn’t feel good.”, she admits. She now regrets her beauty surgeries. “But I can’t change it now,” she explains.