Jane Fonda (85) can look back on an exceptionally long career in Hollywood! The actress was already on the theater stage at the age of 17 and made her film debut in 1960. Even today, the former model still inspires in films and series. She went down in history as a dedicated activist and the queen of fitness videos. Who have been the men by her side through all these years? These three marriages resulted Jane Fonda between 1965 and 2001!

Her first marriage had begun in 1965 to French director Roger Vadim, reports HollywoodLife. Their daughter Vanessa was born three years later in Paris. Although the two first denied rumors of a breakup in 1970, they announced their divorce three years later. Married just three days after this became final jane activist Tom Hayden. At the time of the wedding, she was already three months pregnant with her son, Troy Garity. The couple also adopted an African teenager, Mary Williams, but they divorced in 1990. Tom passed away in 2016 at the age of 76.

janes third and last husband was Ted Turner. The marriage to the CNN founder began in 1991 and lasted almost 10 years. Her relationship with producer Richard Perry between 2009 and 2017 was also of longer duration, but the actress no longer walked down the aisle. In the meantime, she has finally had enough of the marriage: “Now I can watch what I want on TV. I don’t want to get married anymore”the “Grace and Frankie” actress clarified.

Source: celebtap.com