Yeliz Koc (29) followers have a guess. At Make Love, Fake Love, the influencer fell in love with Jannik Kontalis. A few weeks ago, the two finally separated and fought a public war of roses online. However, only for a short time – today the two reality stars are going through life together again. now betrays Yelizthat she is launching her own beauty product. Your fans are therefore asking themselves: Was that Jannik-Drama just staged?

Confirmed on Sunday Yeliz on their Instagram-Account that her own hair oil will be available soon. Some of her followers now suspect that the drama with her boyfriend could have been just a PR move to promote her new product. “Ahh, now I see why all the drama for breakup. You want the cheaply made one [Öl] bring among the people” or “Oh, that’s why the drama”, criticize some users in the comment column under the post.

Yeliz However, she herself does not seem to be able to understand the supposed conclusions of her followers – after all, she is apparently aware that she is with her allegations against Jannik hadn’t come off particularly well herself during the brief separation. “Wouldn’t you rather want to attract attention in a positive way?”the mother of a daughter replies under one of the accusatory comments.