It’s not quiet around Jasmin Tawil (40). The former GZSZ actress has repeatedly caused a stir in the past few days. She was arrested in her adopted home of Costa Rica. Meanwhile, her son was taken to a home. Then it was said that the actress had been deported. Now she must leave the country as soon as possible. But had jasmine before that even threatened a married couple you are friends with?

How Picture reported, Lucia Sansonetti now spoke up. jasmine lived with her son in the Italian woman’s hotel for a while. Meanwhile, they should have understood each other well. But shortly after the arrest and during the talks with the authorities, Adel Tawil’s ex (44) is said to have threatened her friends. “She threatened that she wanted to attack me! It was a shock to me, I think she was completely overwhelmed by the situation. Luckily everyone has now recognized that.”stressed the hotel owner.

In the meantime, it was already reported jasmines father to speak. As she sat in the psychiatric ward, he sent her encouraging words: “Stay strong, my love jasmine. You know you’re my only child. I love you. you know that.”