Jasmin Tawil’s (40) father Michael Weber takes a difficult step. For weeks, the actress seems to be in a mental state of emergency: she was arrested several times in Costa Rica and admitted to a psychiatric ward. She was also stripped of custody of her son. The ex-GZSZ star is now back in Germany, but without a permanent address. Jasmin’s father now wants to provide her with legal support.

In Berlin has Michael suggested at the district court that his daughter should be supported by a legal guardian from now on, like him RTL reported. Adults get these when they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves. “Since that is tantamount to an incapacitation, I thought for a long time whether I should do it”explained Michael – but he simply no longer recognizes the 40-year-old. “That’s why I felt compelled to do it,” he says.

But he doesn’t just take care of his daughter’s needs Michael. He has also filed for custody of his grandson, Ocean. The three-year-old is currently living in a children’s home in Costa Rica, but is due to be flown out soon. “Meanwhile I was also with the responsible judge of the guardianship court in Berlin and I was promised that I would get custody”told Michael optimistic.

Source: celebtap.com