What does Jasmin Tawil’s (40) ex-boyfriend actually think about her psychiatric stay? The ex-wife of musician Adel Tawil (44) is said to have been arrested in Costa Rica last week. She was then taken to a psychiatric facility – probably against her will. And these escapades did not leave their ex-partner untouched either. jasmines former friend now speaks up.

Across from Picture expresses itself jasmines Ex Miquele now on her stay in the mental hospital. “I hope so jasmine better soon and that she finds her way in her life”, he says. He wishes his ex all the best, even though their relationship is said to have ended in chaos. Nevertheless, the 40-year-old emphasizes: “It makes me sad to hear all this.” But Miquele also remembers that the realization jasmine not being able to help with her problems was hard. But there was nothing to the allegations against him.

jasmine had repeatedly raised serious allegations against Miquele in the past. She spoke of violent arguments and repeatedly mentioned terms such as abuse and domestic violence. However, she never filed a complaint against her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Miquele doesn’t want to have a conversation with her: “I hope she doesn’t come to Montezuma again.”

Source: celebtap.com