The drama about Jasmin Tawil (40) and her son continues. The actress has been polarizing with negative headlines for weeks. She was probably first arrested in Costa Rica, then admitted to a psychiatric ward and kept posting controversial stories online. In the midst of the drama, her son Ocean was placed in a children’s home. jasmines Father Michael Weber says the little one is coming to Germany – jasmine himself contradicts. But now Ocean has landed in Germany after all!

How RTL reported that the three-year-old boarded a plane in Costa Rica accompanied by federal police officers. In the meantime he had landed in Frankfurt. Now Ocean is said to be in a foster family. But it remains unclear what custody rights will look like in the next few weeks.

Because Ocean’s grandpa hopes to be able to take his grandson into his care. “Meanwhile I was also with the responsible judge of the guardianship court in Berlin and I was promised that I would get custody”explained Michael opposite the transmitter. claimed yesterday jasmine However, that her child should come to his father.