Jason Whitlock Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Biography

Jason Whitlock Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Biography

Jason Whitlock is a sports journalist who has influenced journalism through his distinctive writing style using classic and memorable words. He is a down-to-earth journalist who has worked for ESPN, AOL Sports, Foxsport.com, Kansas City Star, and various media houses. Together with Colin Cowherd, who is also a journalist, he hosts the daily show Speak for You on Fox Sport 1.

Whitlock talks quite loudly about racism, and one of the controversial statements he made was that black men date white women. He has an active social media account (Twitter) where he shares his views on racism and other controversial issues. He is also known for his uninhibited comments when he is on air.

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Jason Whitlock Bio

Jason Lee Whitlock was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on April 27, 1967, the son of James and Joyce Whitlock. The upbringing was not peaceful for him, as his father always played games of chance rather than being at home with his family, which resulted in his parents divorcing after eight years of marriage. Jason has a brother named after her father – James.

Jason Whitlock Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Biography
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He loved sports when he was growing up and was an active athlete throughout his teenage years. He attended Warren Central High School in Indianapolis, where he actively participated in football. He was a very good offensive lineman and received a scholarship to Ball State University where he earned a degree in journalism.

Jason began his career as a part-time journalist for The Herald-Times in Bloomington, Indiana, and then joined the Charlotte Observer for a year as a reporter. In 1992, he worked for two years for the Ann Arbor News, and the University of Michigan was assigned as his touchstone.

He joined the Kansas City Star in 1994 and won the Scripps Howard Foundation Award for Journalism for commentary while working at the Kansas City Star on March 7, 2008. He was the first sports journalist to win $10,000 in prize money from the award. He left the Foundation, however, on August 16, 2010, and joined the ESPN online platform as a columnist, appearing on and moderating numerous ESPN television shows. In 2006, Jason left ESPN for AOL because he was fired for some biting comments he made in an interview about his colleagues.

Since 2007 Jason Whitlock has also been working for Fox Sports on their column. Jason Whitlock later returned to ESPN after John Skipper, the president of ESPN, made him an offer. However, his employment at ESPN ended in October 2015, but before that, he was editor-in-chief of undefeated.com (part of ESPN) but was also replaced by Leon Carter. He then moved to Fox Sports One as co-host of Speak for Yourself. Jason is also a radio personality and has published articles for Vibe, Playboy, and The Sporting News.

Jason Whitlock Net Worth

According to sources, Jason Whitlock’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million in 2018. This is due to his $2.1 million contract with FOX Sports and the annual salary he earns. These are the main sources of wealth.

Jason Whitlock Wife, Parents, Family, Net Worth, Biography
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Is He Married? Wife, Girlfriend

His relationship status is one of the most discussed topics when Jason is mentioned. He believes that marriage is a distraction and that being single will make him more focused and determined in his career. He has been interviewed extensively about his marriage plans, but he has made it clear in a playful way that being single is fun and that it has its own advantages.

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There is speculation that Jason Whitlock is gay because he supports gay participation in sports and the LGBT community, but there is no proof or evidence of this as he has not had a romantic relationship with anyone.

He was also seen with ladies, but there is no information about whether he had a serious relationship with them or not. However, as he would like to say, he is married to his career as it is still one of the things he is committed to. Somehow he has managed to keep his private life and relationships (if at all) private.

Jason Whitlock Parents, Family

Despite the shortcomings of Jason Vaters, he remains one of his greatest inspirations. In 2013, when he lost his father out of nostalgia, he wrote an article for Fox Sports about his father, talking about the good and bad days he grew up with him.

Body Measurements

Jason is quite tall as he towers at a height of 6 feet 2 inches. His weight is unknown but from his looks, it is obvious he is on the heavy side. There is no information on his body measurements or statistics and shoe size.


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