Jay Khan (40) addresses Marc Terenzi (44). In the past few days, the musician had made headlines. Because he was kicked out of his band Team 5ünf. The American is said to have made several missteps and skipped numerous rehearsals – and he is said to have even come to work with a black eye. The end of the band was indicated for him, as he himself explained in an interview afterwards. His ex-colleague Jay Khan now found clearer words – according to him need Marc urgent help!

The founder of Team 5five wrote Marc worried news that now Picture present. “I can’t believe you’re so ignorant, ruthless and frankly broken Marc. You need help and you’re definitely looking in the wrong places”is written, among other things, in a message. jay have always stood up for his ex-colleague – but the fact that he has behaved so badly in the past few months makes the 40-year-old angry: “After everything I’ve done for you […] is this your gratitude.”

While fans and friends look around Marc worry, he simply smiles away the headlines on vacation with his fiancée Verena Kerth (41). But it is precisely with her that the 44-year-old is said to have repeatedly argued violently in the past few months. For example, both were seen with a violet on the eye shortly after the jungle camp.

Source: celebtap.com