Eva Benetatou (31) speaks up! She and Antonia Hemmer (23) are currently fighting for the title “Reality Star of the Year” in the Battle of Reality Stars. However, the farmer is looking for a woman had to leave the show in the previous episode. She suspected that Eva had given her her voice because she was jealous that Antonia got along so well with Ur-Bachelor Paul Janke (41). However, Eva does not want to let that stand!

“Antonia and I had a one-on-one conversation after filming and everything between us was cool!” Reports the former bachelor’s candidate in her Instagram-Story. They parted on a positive note. “Then why do you have to lie and make false claims weeks later? Is that honest and sincere? No!”, Eve rants. “For me, that shows immaturity and it’s a shame,” she explains to her fans.

Antonia spoke out after her Battle of the Reality Stars exit celebrity flash a guess about Eve: “Apparently she was very jealous because she noticed that Pauli and I get along great.” It seemed as if the Greek had an eye on the blond boy.

Source: celebtap.com