It goes on without him! Russell Crowe (59) made his big breakthrough in 2000 with “Gladiator”. During the shooting of the cult film, things even got really dangerous for the main actor. Now the strip gets a sequel – without the Maximus actor. The story will take place 25 years after the first part, will have a new main character and will be released in the USA at the end of 2024. Now Russell revealed his opinion on the continuation of the classic!

During an interview with colliders the actor came to talk about the sequel to “Gladiator”. “Somehow I’m jealous. It was a great experience in my life and one that completely changed it. People saw me and my career differently after that,” he recalled, continuing, “Not every film you make has that longevity, so Gladiator is very close to my heart.”

But he has no idea which plot line the sequel will follow. “I’m sure Ridley [Scott] (85) had some ideas to improve the story over the last 24 years”, Russell is sure. The “Gladiator” main character could “return to the world and create a spectacle on the same level” would be his suggestion for the story.