Jerry Jones Wife, Daughter, Son, Grandchildren, Family, Height, Bio

Jerry Jones Wife, Daughter, Son, Grandchildren, Family, Height, Bio

Some people are simply born with the Midas touch, and the renowned CEO, entrepreneur, and business tycoon Jerry Jones is one such person. After graduating from university, he invested in the Jones Oil and Land Lease oil exploration business and made it incredibly successful.

With the proceeds from oil exploration, he bought up the Dallas Cowboy football team and transformed it into a money-making machine in a very short time. His father, an insurance company where he worked as administrative vice president, was not left out of his success story.

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Jerry Jones Bio

Jerry Wayne Jones Sr., popularly known as Jerry Jones, was born on October 13, 1942, the son of J.W. “Pat” Jones (his father), who owned an insurance company. Jerry grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where his father owned two branches of Pat’s supermarket in Rose City, North Little Rock. His star sign is Libra and he is an American national.

Jerry Jones Wife, Daughter, Son, Grandchildren, Family, Height, Bio
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Jerry’s early education was at North Little Rock High School in Arkansas, where he played as a running back on the school’s soccer team. From North Little Rock High School he came to the University of Arkansas on a well-deserved football scholarship from the University of Arkansas. He served as co-captain and starting guard on the University of Arkansas football team. Jerry played alongside teammates such as Jimmy Johnson and Glen Ray Hines. Under the supervision of renowned Hall of Fame coach Frank Broyles, the University of Arkansas football team won the 1964 National Championship.

After graduating from university, Jerry joined the Modern Security Life of Springfield in 1965, which is his father’s insurance company. He worked for the insurance company in his capacity as Vice President of Administration. It is important to note that Jerry earned his master’s degree in business administration in 1970. Even when he had the opportunity to buy AFL’s San Diego Chargers team, he turned down the offer to complete his master’s degree.

After earning his master’s degree, he became involved in several unproductive business projects but was not discouraged by the numerous business failures he experienced, and eventually began investing in oil and gas through an oil and gas exploration company in Arkansas called Jones Oil and Land Lease.

His foray into the oil and gas field eventually proved to be successful beyond his wildest dreams. His enormous success with Jones Oil and Land Lease enabled him to buy the Cowboys on February 25, 1989, for $140 million. After successfully taking over the football team from H.R. “Bum” Bright, he made some radical changes, including the dismissal of the only coach in the history of the Cowboy team, Tom Landry, and the replacement of his old team-mate Jimmy Johnson.

Jerry also sacked Tex Schramm, the team’s long-time general manager, who personally took full responsibility for football. The leadership of the Cowboys under Jerry and Johnson was very tough, especially in the early stages, but Jerry eventually managed to build a team that has always been regarded as the NFL’s favorite team of the 1990s.

His Family – Wife, Daughter, Son, and Grandchildren

The Dallas Cowboy’s CEO is married to Eugenia Jones, Eugenia serves on the board of directors of AT&T, which serves as a center for the advancement of the arts, and her association with Jerry has increased her popularity.

The long-time couple’s marriage seems to be unbreakable, as the business mogul recently got into a controversial situation when he was photographed with two beautiful girls at a party, enjoying themselves. It was expected that such impressive pictures would put a strain on his marriage, but the opposite was the case. Everything indicates that his wife loves him very much and is willing to forgive his weaknesses.

Jerry Jones Wife, Daughter, Son, Grandchildren, Family, Height, Bio
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Their marriage is blessed with three children, Stephen, who was born on June 21, 1964, and currently serves as Chief Functional Executive Vice Director of the Dallas Cowboys’ player staff.

Their second child Charlotte, who is also their only daughter, was born on July 26, 1966. Charlotte is also part of the Cowboys’ Human Resources team, where she currently serves as Administrative Vice President and Chief Brand Officer.

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Then came her last child and second son Jerry Jr., who was born on September 27, 1969. As expected, he also joins the Cowboys team, where he combines the duties of Chief Sales Officer and Marketing Officer.

The renowned CEO and his wife Eugenia are blessed with nine beautiful grandchildren from their three offspring.

Jerry Jones’ Height

It is quite common to meet people who ask how big the owner of the cowboys is. Well, we can’t say that there should be no more speculation about this because the fact is that Mr. Jones’ height, weight, and other body measurements are not known.

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