Jerry Lee Lewis Bio, Spouse or Wife, Cousin, Dead or Alive, Net Worth, Children

Jerry Lee Lewis Bio, Spouse or Wife, Cousin, Dead or Alive, Net Worth, Children

The American singer and songwriter Jerry Lee Lewis successfully established himself during his heyday as one of the best musical creators of all time. When it comes to rock’n’roll, rockability, country, blues, honky-tonk, Lewis had it all and made an indelible impression with his many achievements in the competitive entertainment industry. Lewis is also an instrumentalist known for his piano skills. His career has been a rather long journey full of stories about high’s and low’s. Here you will find everything you need to know about the veteran musician.

Jerry Lee Lewis Bio

He was born on September 29, 1935, in Ferriday, Concordia Parish in Louisana, the son of his parents Elmo and Mamie Lewis. Lewis, who has always been fond of music, began playing the piano at a very young age. His love and devotion to the musical instrument prompted his poor parents to take out a mortgage on their farm to buy one for him.

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But they wanted him to use his talent in the church. He was enrolled at the Southwestern Bible Institute, where he was later expelled for violating school rules by playing secular music. His expulsion forced him to play in clubs in his home country.

Jerry Lee Lewis Bio, Spouse or Wife, Cousin, Dead or Alive, Net Worth, Children
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In 1954 Lewis released his first demo recording and continued to play in clubs. After a successful audition with Sun Records in 1956, he began recording as a solo artist for several Sun artists. During this time, he released several singles and hits, including Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On, Great Balls of Fire, and many others that launched his solo career. At this time he became very popular, especially because of his distinctive piano stunts on stage.

Lewis’s rosy road to success soon became thorny, however, when it became known in 1958 that his third wife, Myra Gale Brown, was his 13-year-old first cousin. The then 22-year-old musician was greeted by stakeholders and the public at large with tons of criticism.

The turmoil was so overwhelming that his tour was canceled this year after 3 concerts. But that was not all: The marriage scandal surrounding Lewis took its toll and cost him, loyal supporters. The pianist rose from $10,000 a night for his concerts to $250 and in small clubs.

His contract with Sun Records ended in 1963 and he switched to Smash Records, where he released a lot of songs that failed commercially. But towards the end of his contract with Smash, Lewis bought an idea that had been suggested to him by Eddie Kilroy to record a song in Nashville. As a result, he released the Jerry Chestnut song Another Place Another Time, which surprisingly topped the country charts and brought him back on the big stage.

In 1979 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lewis continues to perform in concert and is gaining more and more recognition in the industry.

Jerry Lee Lewis Net Worth

The net worth of Jerry Lee Lewis have recently been estimated at $15 million. Even though he hasn’t released any new records, he still makes a lot of money with his hits from his vibrant days. The pianist also earns money by performing at concerts.

Family: Spouse or Wife, Children, Cousin

Jerry Lee Lewis Bio, Spouse or Wife, Cousin, Dead or Alive, Net Worth, Children
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The news of Lewis’s scandalous marriage to his cousin Myra Gale Brown was received with so much disgust by industry stakeholders in the 1950s. Traces had revealed that Myra was his first cousin of the first degree, with whom he shared the same descent from a grandparent.

In 1989 a biographical film entitled “Great Balls” of Fire was released, based on a book by Lewis’ cousin ex-wife Myra Gale about his early life in rock n roll. Lewis borrowed his songs and re-recorded them for the soundtrack of the film. The film told the story of the artist’s relationship with Myra, including the marriage scandal that became the victim of his career in the 1950s.

Lee Lewis was married seven times and had six children from his marriages. He was first married to Dorothy Barton in 1952. However, it lasted only 20 months when the couple separated. His second marriage was to Jane Mitchum and lasted four years. The couple had two children, Jerry Lee Lewis Jr., born in 1954, and Ronnie Guy Lewis, born in 1956. Jerry Lee Lewis Jr. was killed in a car accident in 1973.

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Lewis’s third marriage to his cousin Myra Gale lasted 13 years. He had two children with her; Steve Allen Lewis, who died in a swimming pool accident in 1962, and Phoebe Allen Lewis, born in 1963. Lewis married Jaren Elizabeth Pate for the fourth time in 1971 and had a daughter, Lori Lee Lewis. The marriage ended in 1982, and the following year Lewis married his fifth wife, Shawn Stephens, who died 77 days later.

His sixth marriage was to Kerrie McCarver in 1984. The marriage ended in 2005 after 21 years. They had a child together, Jerry Lee Lewis III, born in 1987, and Lewis married Judith Brown for the seventh time in 2012.

Is He Dead or Alive?

Jerry Lewis is very much alive and still performs in concerts. This contradicts reports that the Rockability singer is dead. Death reports about the singer who appeared after it was reported that comedian Jerry Lewis had lost his life. Because of the similarity of their names and the fact that they were both counterparts in the industry, many mistook the comic legend for the singer Lewis. But Lee Lewis is still alive and well.

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