Jessica Burciaga: 6 Quick Facts About The American Instagram Model

Jessica Burciaga: 6 Quick Facts About The American Instagram Model

Jessica Burciaga is a name that is often mentioned for a variety of reasons, either because of her multiple relationships with men, her unique sexy hot body that has been at the center of her modeling career, or her huge following in social media. For some reason, Jessica has been talked about, but there is much more to learn about her here, including some interesting facts you didn’t know about the Instagram model.

Who Is Jessica Burciaga?

She began her existence on Earth as a baby on April 11, 1983, in Santa Fe Springs, California, United States of America. Her birth name was given as Jessica Irene Burciaga, her ethnicity is a mixture of French, Mexican, Filipino and Irish. She is the oldest child of her Mexican father TY Burciaga and his French and Irish wife Lisa Burciaga. Her younger siblings are both boys named Blake and Duka Burciaga.

Jessica Burciaga attended a local high school in her neighborhood before enrolling in a junior college in Huntington Beach, California to study Physical Education. She then graduated as a sports journalist, although she did not pursue this profession.

Jessica Burciaga: 6 Quick Facts About The American Instagram Model
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As a young woman, Jessica began working as a waitress at a Hooters restaurant in Anaheim. The nature of her work required her to wear a sexually attractive garment/uniform, as found in every Hooters restaurant. With this, a photographer quickly noticed her gorgeous body and asked her for permission to take her pictures, which Jessica agreed to do. She hardly knew that this would be the beginning of her modeling career. The picture attracted a lot of attention and soon she started working as an extra in music videos and TV shows. At that time, her social media accounts on Facebook and Myspace began to attract considerable attention, as people who saw her photos and video appearances visited her virtual presence to see more of her images and possibly learn more about her.

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Later, her brother Jake saw an invitation from Stuff magazine to submit photos of models. They applied, and she was selected and published in the magazine’s Neighbourhood Knockout section in August 2005. This was her first career break, as more and more magazines called for her.

Jessica Burciaga modeled for magazines such as Maxim & Performance Auto Sound, Open Your Eyes, Import Tuner, Modified Mag, Savvy, Lowrider, and Latino Future. For players of EA video games, she was shown in round 3 as the ring girl in Fight Night.

She started working at Playboy Palms Las Vegas Club as a Bunny blackjack dealer in 2006 and had several appearances in the 2008 TV series Girls of Playboy Mansion. In early 2007 she was Miss Copa Swimwear, in 2008 she signed on as an official model for Chynna Dolla Bikini and was also a model for Hot Import Nights. The company for adult magazines named her Playmate of the Month February 2009.

Jessica Burciaga’s career has skyrocketed and all this is due to her natural beauty, as she saw an opportunity and made the most of it.

As mentioned at the beginning, this beautiful woman has a number of friends she has dated in the past. At the top of the list is Lance Moore, an American football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, with whom she briefly dated in the early years of her career. After Lance came Hugh M. Hefner, the actual owner of Playboy Enterprises, with whom she had an affair for a year until 2008. Hefner was 57 years older than her at that time.

She watched a dating pause until American football star Miles Austin knocked on her love doors in 2009. The two were together for about two years, which for her was a record time in a relationship she started after her fame. However, Miles and Burciaga followed the path of others who had stood before him in late 2010. In 2011, basketball player Kobe Bryant is said to have become her Prince Charming, but that didn’t seem to be true, just as there were rumors that she was dating American professional boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., in the second half of 2011.

Jessica Burciaga: 6 Quick Facts About The American Instagram Model
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Jessica is said to have dated DJ Drama for several months, but there is no proof of this. Her current boyfriend from December 2013 until now is Paul George, an American basketball player who plays for the Indiana Pacers with shirt number 13. Paul is seven years younger than them. They have been together for years, which is quite different from Jessica Burciaga. Maybe someone finally fitted perfectly into their love life.

6 Quick Facts About The American Instagram Model 

1. Birth and Birth Sign – She was born on 11 April 1983, which is her birth sign, Aries

2. Background  – Jessica comes from a mixed ethnic group of French, Mexicans, Filipinos, and Irish, but has American citizenship.

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3. Body Statistics – her height is 5 feet 2 inches with a bodyweight of 50 kg. Her bra size is 36 inches, her waist is 25 inches, while her hips are a perfect 36 inches. An enchanting hourglass shape

4. Jessy is a Dog Lover – Jessica did not hide her love for her dog, a New York Terrier named Theodore. She made posts on her Instagram with her canine friend

5. Hobbies  – Jessica loves basketball and has also described herself as a “hopeless romantic who loves to cook”.

6. She is a Doppelganger  – She is the double of Jennifer Lopez

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